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Dear Shipswap writer

First of all: Hi!
I realise my signup form looks a little like \o/ all the pairings! so hopfully this letter might make it a little easier to navigate (either that or I'll just ramble for a whole post...)

Generally I like fics with a little bit of angst, and a happy ending. There isn't much which squicks me, though I don't like cheating.
I do like uneven character dynamics (experience/inexperience, shy/outgoing etc), and characters who balance each other's flaws well. I like the whole friends-to-lovers dynamic, but also characters who can't stand each other growing to respect and care for each other.

So, I hope this helps.

Dragon Age: Zevran Aranai/Male Hawke, Alistair/Zevran Aranai, Alistair/Male Warden

I love Bioware's world-building and character development in all the Dragon Age games. Zevran is easily one of my favourite characters in the series, and I have a soft spot for Zev/Alistair especially, because I really enjoy the almost-antagonistic relationship they have.

Alistair and Zev are complete opposites as far as experience goes too, and they're both at extreme ends of the scale. I'd love to see a fic which deals with the uneven dynamic this could cause in a relationship, even if they aren't paired together.

The Avengers: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark

I'm not familiar with the comic 'verse for this fandom, but I've seen Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor and Captain America, so I'm pretty familiar with the MCU canon.

I came out of the movie shipping these two fairly hard, (though I ship Tony Stark with everybody!) and I'd love to see a fic about the two of them going from friends to lovers, (and the rest of the team getting involved, for good or bad!)

The Last Remnant: Torgal/David Nassau, Rush Sykes/Caedmon, Rush Sykes/David Nassau

This is a fairly old game now, but there really is not enough fic for it! I ship Rush/David (and I love post-game fix-it fics!) but I also like fics which play around with the idea of Torgal's devotion to David (and the same with Caedmon/Rush)
The only thing I ask for this fandom is nothing heartbreaking, please. The game did that well enough already!

Magna Carta 2: Juto/Elgar, Juto/Crocell Reeden, Zephie Berlinette/Rue

Juto and Crocell are my guilty pleasure for this fandom; they spend most of their scenes scowling and snarling at each other, and I'd love to see something where that boils over into something more.

Alternatively Juto and Elgar have a really interesting dynamic - Juto is the First, so Elgar looks up to him, but he's also the one who failed, and the one who got away. With these two I'd love to see Elgar trying to adjust to all these conflicting viewpoints as he reconciles his thoughts on Juto after all that happens in the game.

And last, but not least Zephie and Rue. These two are adorable together. With these two I'd love to see something about the power dynamic (because despite Zephie's position Rue's clearly the more dominant of the two) and the change in their relationship from childhood friends to something more along the way.

Star Ocean: Faize Sheifa Beleth/Arumat P. Thanatos, Faize Sheifa Beleth/Edge Maverick, Crowe F. Almedio/Arumat P. Thanatos, Meracle Chamlotte/Sarah Jerand,
Reimi Saionji/Myuria Tionysis, Meracle Chamlotte/Myuria Tionysus

\o/ All the pairings.

That was pretty much my reaction to this game. I'd love to see any of these pairs developing during the events in-game (or afterwards), and an explanation of how they came to happen. Sharing rooms on the Calnus (or Crowe's ship for Arumat/Crowe) perhaps, or hurt/comfort after some of the more traumatic in-game events. I also like fics which integrate the game mechanics well.

Tales of Vesperia: Yuri Lowell/Flynn Scifo, Yuri Lowell/Raven

I like a little angst between Yuri and Flynn, especially with fics set in the early stages of the game - they're both so angry with each other at this point, and mostly because there are so many feelings and so much history between them. Alternatively I like fics about them growing up together, and how they navigate the whole friends-become-lovers minefield. I'd also love to see the rest of the party's POV on these two.

With Yuri and Raven I'd like to see something about the issue of trust - the party aren't particularly quick to accept Raven anyway, so how does Yuri react when Raven's identity as Schwann is revealed?

Hope my rambling helped a little. As ever all the details are optional, though I hope you feel at least a little inspired by one of my fandoms!

If you aren't inspired by whichever fandom we matched on, or are interested in checking out any of the fandoms I've listed here then the wikis are Dragon Age The Avengers
The Last Remnant Magna Carta 2 Star Ocean and Tales of Vesperia