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Dear prime time player,

So, in general I have a preference for m/m or f/f fic. I've tried to include a summary of what I love about the canons I've chosen, but honestly-if you're writing fic for me in one of my favourite fandoms then I'll be delighted anyway.

Devil May Cry (either universe)
I love Vergil. Completely and unashamedly. Though I have a soft spot for almost all major characters in either canon, (except Kyrie)
I ship Trish with Lady and Dante with everyone. I love fic which focuses on the difficult relationship Dante and Vergil have without making it too cliché, and I love slice-of-life pieces in Devil May Cry.

Dragon Age
I haven't read any of the comics, but I'm familiar with origins, awakening and DA2. My favorite characters are Zevran, Isabela and Fenris, but I love (or love to hate) most major characters.
(I'm not keen on Cullen or Loghain though)
I ship pretty much everyone with everyone, but some big ones are Zev/Alistair, Isabela/F!Hawke, Fenris/M!Hawke.

Mass Effect
I'm probably the only one, but I adore Kaiden. He broke my heart on Horizon, but I still couldn't resist romancing him again in ME3. I love angsty fic featuring him and M!Shep.
I was also devastated that I couldn't romance Garrus with M!Shep or Jack/Miranda with F!Shep so anything which fixes this would be great :)
I adored most of my squadmates though, so would even love a fic with them getting into absurd situations following the commander.

Tales of Vesperia,
I adored the entire main party in this game. I ship Yuri/Flynn and Rita/Estelle.
I'd love either a party fix, about them learning to travel as a team, or even something focusing on one of those two ships a little closer.
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