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2014-05-04 07:27 pm

Dear Not primetime player

Dear prime time player,

So, in general I have a preference for m/m or f/f fic. I've tried to include a summary of what I love about the canons I've chosen, but honestly-if you're writing fic for me in one of my favourite fandoms then I'll be delighted anyway.

Devil May Cry (either universe)
I love Vergil. Completely and unashamedly. Though I have a soft spot for almost all major characters in either canon, (except Kyrie)
I ship Trish with Lady and Dante with everyone. I love fic which focuses on the difficult relationship Dante and Vergil have without making it too cliché, and I love slice-of-life pieces in Devil May Cry.

Dragon Age
I haven't read any of the comics, but I'm familiar with origins, awakening and DA2. My favorite characters are Zevran, Isabela and Fenris, but I love (or love to hate) most major characters.
(I'm not keen on Cullen or Loghain though)
I ship pretty much everyone with everyone, but some big ones are Zev/Alistair, Isabela/F!Hawke, Fenris/M!Hawke.

Mass Effect
I'm probably the only one, but I adore Kaiden. He broke my heart on Horizon, but I still couldn't resist romancing him again in ME3. I love angsty fic featuring him and M!Shep.
I was also devastated that I couldn't romance Garrus with M!Shep or Jack/Miranda with F!Shep so anything which fixes this would be great :)
I adored most of my squadmates though, so would even love a fic with them getting into absurd situations following the commander.

Tales of Vesperia,
I adored the entire main party in this game. I ship Yuri/Flynn and Rita/Estelle.
I'd love either a party fix, about them learning to travel as a team, or even something focusing on one of those two ships a little closer.
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2012-06-12 06:49 pm

Dear Shipswap writer

First of all: Hi!
I realise my signup form looks a little like \o/ all the pairings! so hopfully this letter might make it a little easier to navigate (either that or I'll just ramble for a whole post...)

Generally I like fics with a little bit of angst, and a happy ending. There isn't much which squicks me, though I don't like cheating.
I do like uneven character dynamics (experience/inexperience, shy/outgoing etc), and characters who balance each other's flaws well. I like the whole friends-to-lovers dynamic, but also characters who can't stand each other growing to respect and care for each other.

So, I hope this helps.

Dragon Age )

The Avengers )

The Last Remnant )

Magna Carta 2 )

Star Ocean: The Last Hope )

Tales of Vesperia )

Hope my rambling helped a little. As ever all the details are optional, though I hope you feel at least a little inspired by one of my fandoms!

If you aren't inspired by whichever fandom we matched on, or are interested in checking out any of the fandoms I've listed here then the wikis are Dragon Age The Avengers
The Last Remnant Magna Carta 2 Star Ocean and Tales of Vesperia
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2012-01-02 12:10 am

Secret Santa

Secret Santa fic for [personal profile] miri1984 I am *so* sorry this was late! Real Life kicked in, and I ran a little behind in everything.

It is Fenris/Isabela though. I hope you like it!

Title: Unintended
Summary: It's a fool-proof plan for Isabela; teach Fenris a few things he's never had the opportunity to learn, have her own fun then leave him to pursue Hawke...

Unintended )
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2011-08-18 09:25 pm

(no subject)

So, a few months ago I did a Reversathon. I got some fantastic prompts, and really wanted to write something for them all, but Real Life got in the way a little, so I eventually went with this one, partly because TLR was my first great obsession, and secondly because I'd been toying with the idea of writing this for a while:

Snapshots of a life reclaimed )
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2011-04-20 06:55 pm
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(no subject)

This one was written for a prompt on the Dragon Age Kink meme over at livejournal. The prompt was: Of the two, Fenris usually takes the lead in bed. Hawke (gender up to write-anon) takes it into Hawke's head that it would be interesting to switch things up. Maybe Hawke has always wanted to play the Magister and the Blood Slave, idk.

Fenris agrees to give it a go - and it goes wrong. Anon is not seeking PTSD flashback angst, just sex!fail for the lulz. Fenris just knows too much about how masters are supposed to be and Hawke is doing it wrong. And since Fenris can never pass up an opportunity to harp on the evils of Tevinter magisters, he just has to explain.

Bonus points if they revert to type before their experiment is over.
and this is what it spawned:

...well *that* didn't work )
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2011-04-02 11:46 pm

(no subject)

Another entry for fic_promptly,
This time the prompt was author's choice, author's choice, seven deadly sins [a series of drabbles (100 words each)]

So I chose Tales of Vesperia. Seven deadly sins, seven party members- pretty convenient, no?

Greed )

Wrath )

Gluttony )

Envy )

Pride )

Lust )

Apathy )
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2011-03-11 01:04 am

(no subject)

Written for a prompt at areyougame. A little late though, this was due for yesterday.
The prompt was Flynn, if only it were so easy.

Look, don't touch )
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2011-02-22 10:54 pm
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2011-02-12 04:36 pm

(no subject)

Another fic written for a prompt at fic_promptly, this time it was Yuri/Flynn: The first time they've shared a room since they were kids.

I'm fairly certain that this is not what the prompt was supposed to inspire, it's too angsty and angry, but this is what I have:

Time out )
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2011-02-12 03:49 pm

(no subject)

Written for a prompt over at fic_promptly, the prompt was: David wearing Celapaleis colours

I was very pleased that I wasn't the only one to have noticed that David's tunic colours correspond not to Athlum's flag, but to Celapaleis', and this was the resulting fic:

Colours and costume choices. )